Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 - Winter Weather / Ice Related Saftey Tips

Seeing that Most of Iowa and a few other states are covered with a rather uneven but definably solid layer of Ice I thought I might as well give a few safety tips:

  1. Assume EVERYTHING is Icy , Better Safe than Sorry
  2. Test your path , salt/gravel , shovel or break ice before attempting to take a small child to the car
  3. If you start to fall carrying a child fall backwards so they land on YOU.
  4. Make sure you shoes have traction of some sort.
  5. You can use , Salt , Bird-food and corn meal or kitty litter to create traction over icy walkways
  6. Hit / Break Ice to Create Traction
  7. You can use a cane / Pole or Brook Stick to help keep you balanced by Shoving it through ice
  8. Sometimes it better to walk through snow than ON ice
  9. Don't be afraid to shuffle if need be , better funny looking than injured
  10. Remember to keep an extra blanket or 3 in your car
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