Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I learned from Long Term Camping

Things I learned from Long Term Camping
  • Snails can CEMENT themselves to nearly anything , and Often they will do it in the least expected places.
  • You MUST make peace with the giant spiders , They eat mosquito's.
  • Raccoons have no respect for personal property.
  • If you fall asleep in in the open don't be surprised if you wake up with wildlife curled up w/ you.
  • Nothing Shiny is ever safe in the open if from raccoons.
  • Armadillos like to lick plastic & exposed toes.
  • Make peace with skunks or your life will stink. (litterally)
  • Always look where your taking a squat (answering natures call) at least 3 times before going.
  • Make sure you know what bull thistle look like.
  • Dont allow people to throw cigarettes in the latrines.
  • Cedars smoke may be hard to live with , but mosquitos are much harder to deal with.
  • Dont Camp by a still waters.
  • Clear the Area where you put your tent well , rocks , briars and twigs just dont dissapear because you put a tarp over it.
  • Racoons will chew through things they can not open easily.
  • Its easier to appease the racoon than keep buying new things.
  • Shake your clothes well before putting them on.
  • Don't trust itchy headed travelers to stay in your tent.
  • Wet Tobacco makes fire ant stings stop hurting
  • You may not react to the first , second or 100th fire ant bite , but someday YOU will and get huge welts from it.
  • Dont camp anywhere near fire ants.
  • No matter how awesome that spot in a valley looks , and no matter how much your significant other likes it , dont camp there , water ALWAYS goes to the valley.
  • Do not attempt to burn American literature books  , it wont work.
  • Raccoons can  chew through  sterilite containers.
  • You can not protect your valuable from raccoons unless you half bury a box on the ground and set a small boulder boulder over it.
  • Dont piss off Blue Jays , they remember and have no inhibition in attacking you.
  • ALWAYS I reapeat ALWAYS Check your shoes before putting them on.

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