Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Things Live You Will Need to Live Comfortably While Houseless

Having lived in the woods , and houseless for quite a few years before I had offspring I know about what you DO need , and what you DON't need to live happily in an offgrid houseless situation.

Here is what you NEED -
  • Bandannas (Washcloth , napkin , snot rag , TP , Easy Bag for berries or herbs , a quick shirt (two knotted together) , loincloth , head cover , mask , to tie things together , slingshot.
  • Para cord / Rope - Because there is never a lacking of uses
  •  Mid-Sized Pocket Knife - Food Prep , Splinter removal , Fishing , Making fishing lures (from twigs) balance , boredom relief.
  • Tarp - Blanket , shelter , cover , rug , backpack (roll up all your gear in it) , water collection.
  • Wide Mouth Metal Water bottle/ cup / bowl (Preferably w/ sealable top)  - obviously water , herb/fruit gathering , holding bait , transporting small animals , Food Prep
  • Sewing Kit - Clothing , tent , tarp , or human repair. A Few peices of Duck Tape wrapped around the case can come in handy as well.
  • Magnesium Carbide fire starter - with this and your pocket knife you will always have a fire source.
  • 6 Combiners - The real ones not the pocket ones. These are invaluable and will handle rough usage , air cacheing , dog leashing , shelter construction. You could do with 5 , but 6 is better. Also cab be used for fishing (hold line) and creating handing bed from tarp & rope / cord.
  • Tea Tree Oil - Stinks to High Heaven , but it keeps critters away. Mosquito's  , parasites , disinfects etc. 
  • A Sturdy hand sized candle - Because you never know when you will need to go answer natures call.
  • A pouch of tobacco - you would be amazed how much a person is willing to trade for a cigarette. Even if you dont smoke , this is valuable.
  • A Salt shaker / Bottle of Hot Sauce - You never know what your gonna have to eat , bit be prepared for it. Also of great barter value.


Anonymous said...

great post!
i've been meaning to ask- what are the seeds that you wrapped in a paper towei and put in a baggie? there was no id :)

i'm hoping to get some seeds started in the next 2 weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

With all of the tent cities springing up, this is pretty relevant, if depressing. Good post.


Survival Spot said...

Yeah there is an element of depression that accompanies prepping, but I feel like this type of post is very empowering. It just gives you yet another advantage in hard times.

Susan said...

What an adventure you've had! I always wanted to go live "off the land" for a while. I grew up out in the woods and spent a lot of time doing "survival" things just for fun! I'm interested to follow your gardening ventures, etc. My blog is on being self-reliant also. I found you from the Preppers Network!

God Bless!

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