Monday, January 18, 2010

Examples of My MRE Alternatives

The other Day I blogged about MRE Alternatives , Now for my family These MRE Alternatives will not be a a full time food source , but more of a supplement , and for traveling , or a last minuet addition. We focus more on dehydrated and canned goods for long term storage and in our daily usage.

These MRE alternatives also wound up being taste tested against my will , with my husband stealing a couple for work , and my children finding the box and jumping up and down in excitement over their contents. SO they are family approved. The only change I will make is having sardines in sauce VS soybean oil (apparently my husband picked up the wrong ones).

I packed each in a Plain brown paper bag , with a drink pack mix of some sort , and many had mini tissue packs as well. I stapled the Bags shut (after the entire child discovery incident). I wrote the calories on the bottom of each bag for future reference.

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