Thursday, January 21, 2010

Madwoman or Genius ?

So , It started out simple enough.
I decided I was going to check the mail.
Simple dosnt it ?
Well I thought so too.

Till I got out there and discovered the entire yard was covered in ice.
First I tried to walk on the ice , even the cat yelled at me as he slid down the drive and desperately attempted to make his way back up the hill , but the ice was so thick his poor little paws couldn't do it and he bawled like a lost calf.

So I took off my scarf and threw it towards him , he latched on and I pulled him back to safety.
He promptly let himself in the plant room and looked at me like I was crazy. I was not to be deterred. Getting the mail is my Job , and I will not let the ice get me.

So I went inside.
I put on a second pair of socks.
And a plastic grocery sack on each foot , and put on my moccasins.
I tucked in my head scarf.
I grabbed my trusty broom , and I set out again.

This time I was determined , I decided to take the drifts over the driveway. I knew the snow was thick. I held my broom upside down , and I smashed the handle through the ice.
Then Step by Step I I broke the ice and let myself sink. Leaving deep but not so slippery prints.
It took a bit longer than the normal 3 minuet walk to the mail box , and my ankles are a bit sore from being cut open by the ice , but I somehow feel accomplished.

Who knew checking the mail could be so exciting ?
I keep wandering what my neighbors must think of the crazy lady with her bright yellow broomstick trudging through snowdrifts ?

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