Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What it is to be a Prepper

What it is to be a Prepper as Defined from the personal viewpoint of PrepperMom

To prepare , Protect , and Provide for my family at all costs.
I must be prepared to protect my family , wether it from the nature or man.
  • I must be aware of my enviroment
  • Be aware of the risks in my enviroment
  • Be prepared to battle the risks of any environment
I must educate myself , and my family members on how to be self sufficient if the need arise.
I must be strong enough to defend myself and my children if my husband is not around.
I must be knowledgeable , my children's lives may depend on MY quick thinking.
I must be willing to do what might make me uncomfortable to aide the greater good.

Being a Prepared to deal with any situation that may arise is an act of love for my family.

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