Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Review of The Food Storage Analyzer

So , I was over @ Preparedness Pantry , I get their paper catalog every few months and I had seen info on their Food Storage Analyzer , but I had never taken the time to go look at it , well I made the time today .

At first I was a bit confused , but then I clicked some more and I figured it out. I had seen food storage analyzers before , but they just calculated stuff. This food storage calculator actually lets you calculate and compare your needs vs what you have. That was a real sup-rise , not only did it tell you what you would need , but it allowed you to list what you already have. Really this is a wonderful tool , and the fact that you can store your settings is very wonderful. Its a free tool , and I didn't feel any pressure to buy things , but it is handy to track what I prepare to buy and what I have , and believe me I plan to buy some. It also makes shopping much easier because you already have a list , just press through to buy what you need as you are capable. SO when you get the time go over and give it a try. ALso I highly recommend their paper catalog too !!

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