Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Plant Room

Today I got up w/ to the kids screaming about the kitties you see , we have a plant room that is built on to our house , so we have an odd wall with windows that looks straight from the living room into the plant-room. Yes , its odd , but it works. Well , I went to go look at what the kdis were screaming about excitedly (as toddlers are prone to being excitable as is). There was a Coon , rather small one but definitely and adult , curled up against on of the plant room heaters. You see the plant room has 3 heaters because I have a nice collection of tropical plants that need to be a bit warmer than our house is normally heated. It seems one of the cats opened the door and it did not latch back securely , and Mr.Coon just let himself right in.

I chased him out with a broom , and will let my husband know he can be rid of him .

The plantroom is showing signs of life which brings joy to me for sure.

I have started a bit of seed. Lacking chain to regulate how far the light is , I have substituted Styrofoam , as they get taller I will remove a layer of foam. I have a few of my main crop seeds starting early , I also have decided to start all my celery and a handful of salad and herbs as well.

I am so happy My Salad tin has started to grow full of sprouts , its been a month since the last of my chicon was used up. I am overjoyed to see these little sprouts for sure.

My poor Overwintered Cabbage , My husband says that we will plant it out and let it go for seed when it warms again. That Pan is full of tulips I overwintered. I got them on sale just before fall , 2 Cents a Dozen.

My Lemon Balm seems to have been sparked to life in the last week as well , and I dream of its full return. I love the way it smells and tastes.

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