Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Forgotten Investment

In Todays Society somethings have gone forgotten , when I think about being prepared I look around my house and I wonder what I could not live without. Before the advent of the internet where did people go to learn about new things ? The Library.

What would you do in an emergency , or in a long term seclusion ? Well , I would go to my Encyclopedia.

I am by no means saying go out and buy a brand new encyclopedia , personally I actually prefer older encyclopedias from the 60's and 70's they tend to have better illustrations of how things work , and of what plants look like.

I found that if you cruise through craigslist of book shops you can find them at more than reasonably affordable prices , and at times you can even get them free.

Please dont forget to invest in you future , and quite possibly your children's future. Even if you dont have children , are you sure you will never have any under your care ? Do you have a sufficient amount of information for basic as well as advanced teaching in your home.

Things you can do with an encyclopedia :

  • Look up Edible Plants
  • Look Up Medicinal Herbs
  • Look up How things Work
  • Look up basic Medical Procedures
  • How to Butcher an Animal
  • How things are made

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