Tuesday, January 26, 2010

About PrepperMom

So I thought I should probably tell you a bit about myself.
I am a 28 year old mother of 2  young toddlers and wife of 1 wonderful educator.
Before I had my first child I lived "in-the-wild" in the heart of central texas for quite a few years.

I loved camping , and having been raised in a backwoods of appalachia , I did it well.
When I had my first child my inner prepper just kicked in  , I was bringing a child into the world I needed to know how to be self sufficient. Not just everyday disaster preparedness  , but also the self sufficiency skills in a large scale event. Being a single - self employed  mother of a very small child I had many hours to read and study and put in practice everything that lay ahead of me. 2 weeks after I gave birth to my son , I experienced my first unplanned scenario. Texas experienced a minor Ice storm , and my apartment complex lost all electricity.

Having a newborn baby in an unheated apartment was panic inducing. I wound up moving us into the bathroom and ran the shower every hour or so  , because the gas and water still worked , just not electricity. I was capable of doing that for 2 nights till the electricity was restored, so that I did not have to go to a shelter and expose my newborn to way to many germs.

About 8 months later I met my the man who would become my husband and we clicked over a wonderful discussion about firearms. A year latter we moved to Iowa with one more child and found a small homestead. We currently have 4 acres of land. We started a garden late in the season last year and harvest over 800 lb of produce , and that was off maybe  of 1/2 and acre , we plan on using all 4 acers this year and dehydrating and canning.

The entire transition to back to basics / being self sufficient has not been as hard for me as my husband because i grew up without electricity and such. My husband  , well he stockpiles ammo , and me I stockpile books and knowledge. LOL

I am also a frugalista  , I'm always on the trail of sales , increasing my stockpile and making most things from scratch. I don't buy do-hikkies so much as go out and learn how to make them myself.

So well thats me. PrepperMom.
NIce to meet you  :)

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mama4x said...

Hi there, I am a mom of 4 and beginning prepping. I am looking at land right now. My husband was unemployed for 4 months and just got a job. His unemployment got me started on prepping and I look forward to setting out our seeds this next few weeks and getting a dehydrator. I too stockpile books; we homeschool. Nice to "meet" you!